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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 7, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PST

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i'm going to grab you around the balls and i'm going to -- tonight on "nightline." >> 911. >> there's been a gunshot at the theatre. >> he used a cell phone at the movies. >> come on, buddy, breathe! >> and now the father of a young child is dead. the shooter, a former police captain is charged with murder. he's claiming self-defense. but what was he defending himself against? witnesses say it was only popcorn. the new emotional testimony. >> i say bring it on. >> and a fake fuelled showdown over an age-old question where do we come from. evolution versus creationism. tonight, we go inside the spectacle as bill nye the science guy squares off against
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the president of the creation muse museum. plus, too racy? millions have watched the new video for "can't remember to forget you" why one politician in shakir a's home country is trying to get this thing banned.
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>> good evening. tomorrow in a courtroom in tampa, a judge is expected to decide whether to let a retired 71-year-old police captain and accused murderer out on bail. curtis reeves is at the center of a bizarre case. he shot the father of a young child in a movie theatre after an argument that allegedly involved a cell phone and some tossed popcorn.
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my co-anchor dan abrams has the emotional new testimony in our series "crime and punishment." >> pretty much split it down the middle and the whole side is here for my dad. >> jennifer shaw was here in court this week, pleading for her father's freedom. >> i never thought that i would be able to have kids and it was quite the blessing when my daughter was born and she was healthy. it was a very emotional time for my whole family. >> reporter: her dad, curtis reeves, accused of murdering a father in a florida movie theatre during the previews last month. wnlss say a single shot came during an argument over the use of a cell phone. another moviegoer immediately called 911. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> there's been a gunshot at the cobb theatre. >> do you know who shot? >> i don't know. it looks like an older gentleman in the movie theatre. >> desperate attempts to save chad olsen's life can be heard on the line. >> breathe, buddy, breathe.
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>> is he talking? >> he's braet breathing. >> did you check the pulse? >> it looks like blood is going to his lungs. his pulse is weak. we need an ambulance bad. >> on friday, a judge is expected to decide whether reeves, a 71-year-old former police captain, now charged with second degree murder, will be released on bail. >> he has bursitis in his shoulder. >> reporter: his lawyer argued he's not a flight risk and his daughter says reeves' health is failing. >> he has high blood pressure that he takes medication for. he has high cholesterol that he takes medication for. >> reporter: also in court, nicole olson who was sitting with her husband chad at the theatre when he was killed and she was injured. >> good girl. >> reporter: she says chad was just checking his phone for messages about their teething nearly 2-year-old daughter. a deputy who was in the theatre
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recalls the escalating argument. >> he is yelling, i am trying to text, pardon the language, i am trying to text my [ bleep ] daughter if you don't mind. >> so what turned a dispute over e-mailing into a deadly altercation? according to witnesses, thrown popcorn. >> he threw some popcorn and almost immediately the gun comes out and the shots fire. >> i'll show you to throw popcorn at me. i then saw the flash from the muzzle of the gun. >> and then 0 to 60, my whole world just shattered. >> today, a heart broken nicole olson describe what is she says set reeves off. >> he's a gentleman who's been an authoritative figure all his life. he's used to telling people what to do and they say how high. and he felt disrespected. he no longer has that control. >> offduty deputy alan hamilton testifies he heard reeves
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berating his own wife after the incident. >> and then she postured and said that was no cause to shoot anyone. and then he leaned back around and stuck his finger out, you know, as to, you know, scold her and said you shut your [ bleep ] mouth and don't say another word. >> hamilton also recounted reeves' reaction in the moments after the shooting. he said i can't -- and he pushed his glasses back. he said i can't believe what i've done. and he again leans back and he says holy [ bleep ] what have i done. >> reeves' attorneys are preparing to argue it was self-defense, that he felt threatened by olson who's far larger and younger and only responded after being hit in the face with what his lawyer described as an unknown object. >> he has every right to defend himself. >> the defendant according to all the witnesses acknowledged either just before the shooting or just after the shooting that he had been hit with popcorn.
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if that's the case, popcorn is never going to be the type of attack weapon that's going to justify the use of deadly force. >> did the bullet go right through him? >> cynthia mcfadden spoke with nicole olson just days after her husband died. >> which finger is it? >> my weddiring finger. >> your wedding finger? >> it will heal. the real pain is in my heart. a. >> what does justice look like for you? >> for him to stay behind bars for the rest of his life. he can't undo the pain and the hurt that he's caused me and my daughter and his family, his mom and his brother and his sister. you know, we've been sentenced, too. to a lifetime of pain and hurt. and there's no excuse for what he did. so i don't want him to see daylight. ever again. >> before a judge decides if reeves will be free on bond pending a trial, the prosecution will introduce an infrared
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surveillance video from the theatre. >> i don't think that at this stage that the judge is really going to consider the video. it may make a big part of the decision later by a jury, and that will depend upon how it gets enhanced and whether, in fact, it gets to the quality that would satisfy a jury. >> whether or not reeves is released on bond, if convicted, he faces a possible sentence of 25 years to life. >> our thanks to dan abrams. abc news will continue to cover this case. coming up here on "nightline" we're going to take you behind the scenes of bill nye the science guy and the president of the creation museum as they debate evolution. we've got the predebate prayers and jitters and the surprise found in the audience. keep it here. ♪ ♪
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tonight, we are going to take you in an only-in-america faith-fuelled showdown. two controversial figures and their respective fans faced off
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over creationism versus evolution. as you're about to see, it turned into a digital age spectacle. we've got to the creation museum in petersburg, kentucky -- a lot of money went into this -- for a showdown of an age-old question. where did we come from? this is noah's arc. this place has been ridiculed as pseudoscience. this is a room where you see adam and eve living alongside dinosaurs. a place where they try to prove that god created the earth and all of its inhabitants in six days about 6,000 years ago. >> i say bring it on. i know i'm in the lion's den. >> reporter: own tonight, they're inviting in a devout nonbeliever. he's bill nye the science guy. well loved for his 1990s pbs show for kids. he will debate ken ham, a former
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high school science teacher -- >> i beliedon't believe in evol or millions of years. >> who founded this $27 million, 70,000 square foot affront to modern scientists. >> bill nye also has an agenda, to teach children not to believe in god. >> this whole thing came about because of this youtube video made by bill nye, criticizing the teaching of creationism to children. >> denial of evolution is unique to the united states. >> it went viral. >> reporter: and ken ham made a rebuttal video. >> bill nye doesn't understand the word science. the word science means knowledge. >> reporter: ham challenged nye to come to the creation museum for a debate. and nye agreed. the story ricochetted around the internet and tickets sold out in just two minutes. five days before the debate, bill nye is in his office at the planetary society in california,
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preparing the slides he'll show at the debate. >> i presume we will shake hands the way boxers do before they go at it and we'll go at it. i anticipate there will be no one in the audience who sees it my way. >> later at his home, he shows us his bible. >> it's really an historical document. it's much more reasonable to me it was written by people, not an all knowing deity. >> reporter: on the day of the debate, ken ham is in his office, prepping his own slides. >> we're just under four hours from the debate. >> reporter: haen his staff are abuzz. they're expecting a crowd of 900 with a million people watching online. the debate is now the top trending topic on facebook. >> i think it's great. we're overcoming what i call a censorship out there in the culture to not let people hear the evidence against evolution. some of the problems with evolution, the ed that cvidence confirms creation. >> reporter: do you think you stand any chance of changing
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bill billnye's mind? >> god is the one that needs to change his mind. >> reporter: as crowds pour in and go through metal detectors, that bill nye requested, ham says prayers. >> lofty opinions raised against god. >> bill nye is back up being made up. do you get nervous for something like this? >> absolutely. if you stop getting nervous, quit doing it. >> reporter: did you walk around this place? >> no. i've just seen pictures. >> reporter: what do you think of dinosaurs living next to adam and eve? >> on some level it's funny. like the flintstones were funny. >> he arrives for the hand shake. mr. ham. >> reporter: this is the first time you've ever met?
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>> thank you for being here. >> tails. >> heads. >> and it is heads. >> i'll go first. >> reporter: as we walked through the crowd, we realized quite quickly, it's not all creationists here. not by a long shot. >> n nye fans or ken ham fans? >> science fans. >> bible fans. >> bill nye. >> reporter: how about you? >> ken ham. >> have you guys said a word to each other before? you have? are you getting along? do i need to get in there and break it up at all? >> no, we're good. >> reporter: backstage with only minutes to go, ham's nerves are starting to show. >> i'm just asking the lord to calm me down. so i'm not so nervous. [ applause ] >> reporter: game time. it's on. ham's opening gamut is to attack nye's argument that believing in creationism means you can't be a good scientist by playing clips
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like this one of the man who invented the mri. >> i'm a young earth creation scientists and believe that god created the world in six 24-hour days. >> reporter: he goes on to argue when people's belief in the bible is eroded society crumbles. >> i love science. i want children to be caught the right foundation, that there's a god who created them, who loves them. >> thank you very much. mr. ham, i learned something. >> reporter: nye starts out cordially enough but then takes a hard run at ham's assertion that god created the earth 6,000 years ago and then flooded the whole planet 2,000 years later. >> there's a famous tree in sweden, old tico is 9,550 years old. how could these trees be there if there was an enormous flood just 4,000 years ago? >> the noah story comes in for particular scrutiny. >> somehow noah and his family were able to build a wooden ship
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that would house 14,000 individuals. and these people were unskilled. >> reporter: now the two men have a chance to take one another on directly. >> why would you say noah is unskilled? i didn't mean noah. neither did you. >> as far as noah being an extraordinary ship right, it's very reasonable perhaps to you that noah has superpowers. >> reporter: nye goes after a claim that scientists find particularly galling that dinosaurs and all other animals were vegetarians because the bible said so. i have not spent a lot of time with lions, but i can del they have teeth that raept really weren't set up for broccoli. >> bears have teeth very much like a lion or tiger and yet most bears are primarily vegetarian. >> reporter: members of the audience were given a chance to submit questions in writing. >> how did the atoms that created the big bang get there. >> this is the great mystery. this is what makes us get up and go to work every day is to try to solve the mysteries of the
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universe. >> bill, i just want to let you know there's a book out there that actually tells us where matter came from. and the very first sentence in that book says in the beginning god created the heavens and earth. >> reporter: after 2 1/2 hours, a standing ovation. if anyone was expecting a thorough comprehensive final dismantling, they would be disappointed. this debate will continue. >> did kim ham say anything that changed your mind in any way? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: did bill nye change your mind on any level? >> no. >> do you think you won? >> i thought it went very well. >> reporter: did you win? >> i never looked at it as winning and losing i'm going to passionately defend what i believe. >> we're more alike than we are different. >> we're all descended from adam and eve. that's why. >> reporter: are we witnessing the birth of a friendship here?
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>> we're witnessing the continuation of mutual respect for colleagues that have passionately held beliefs. >> that's a great way of putting it. that's good. >> reporter: fair enough. >> reporte as the crowds head out into this ice storm on this planet we all share, even if we don't agree on its origins, this hopeful notion, nearly 1,000 people just came together to debate one of the most sensitive questions around, and it was entirely civil. doesn't seem to be the beginning of the friendship. bill nye was harshly criticized by his fellow scientists who argue nye only gave ken ham a platform for his nonscientific views. nye was paid an undisclosed amount for that debate, but he says he donated it all to science. coming up next, shakira and rhiana anticipates up for a video that is causing controversy tonight.
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hot for this country? ♪ i can't remember to forget you ♪ >> city councilman in bogota colombia is trying to get the video banned saying it's immoral and vulgar. the faux lesbianianism has sparked controversy among actual lesbians saying they're posturing with this same sex ere eroticsm. with the olympics taking off tonight, one star at&t athlete is conspicuously absent. lindsay vonn was forced to drop out from an injury. instead of hitting the slopes she's hitting the runways for the debut of the new york fashion week. vonn said she's heart broken to be missing the olympics but she's kicking the games off in style. and who's better arm candy for
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